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[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers (16-6) defeat the Atlanta Hawks (10-10) 107 to 99




[–]Raptors Muglah 12 指標 1小時前*

Huge LeBron fan here. It must be annoying for people who casually watch him play and rarely get to see him try. It must be even more annoying for hardcore fans watching 82 games of him where he tries for only 40. I know he's old but damn, it makes regular season games so boring.


[–]gentyent 12 指標 1小時前

Definitely a mostly quiet game for him, but he turned up big in the clutch. I feel you though


[–]Lakers kingofgamesbrah [分數隱藏] 42 分鐘前

As a 82 game watcher, it isnt annoying really. Whats annoying is just overall team lack of effort sometimes, I'm sure LeBron's casualness sometimes rubs off on the rest of the team. The difference is we know LBJ has a couple more levels, these other guys can't really chill like that, even AD to some extent.


[–]blancs50 4 指標 1小時前

Even when he's coasting he still entertaining moments & hits tough shots or passes that remind you he's still the best player on earth.


[–]PurpleRanger777 -12 指標 2小時前

Lol LeBron with the stat padding at the end to ensure 20+ points


[–][CLE] Dell Curry LesBianJames 6 指標 1小時前

You’re right, he should’ve missed those free throws on purpose


[–]Lakers conwaythemachine 155 指標 2小時前

Could’ve EASILY been a 7-0 road trip if we locked in the Detroit game and didn’t have a complete blunder at the end and we lost to Philly off a Tobias game winner lol

I’ll take 5-2 on the longest road trip of the year

Obviously our late game execution needs to be worked on but that will come with more time and practice




[–]Lakers 24/8/2 FOREVER IN OUR HEARTSPM-ME-YOUR-FoUrSKIN 100 指標 2小時前

Frank Vogel literally said he’s experimenting with lineups. He did this last year and when playoff time came he was damn near perfect with rotations and lineups.

I have no issue with him experimenting when there’s no pressure to get the best lineups



[–]Lakers  MibuWolve 2 指標 2小時前

There should never be a game where KCP attempts more shots than LeBron, especially when he shoots 4/13.

That’s not a good offense. Both AD and Lebron should get 20 attempts each.




[–]Hawks ItssethL22 37 指標 1小時前

We hung around for a while, but when lebron turns it on it’s a scary sight, I’m convinced he doesn’t try until the 4th lol.


[–]Mavericks Raiyuk 18 指標 1小時前

Lakers' defense in the 4th and closing pretty good but man their offense is a snoozefest without Lebron.


[–]Lakers Saint-West 22 指標 1小時前

It was like that last year too tbh lmao


[–]Lakers fernandopoejr 10 指標 1小時前

rondo showed up with playmaking in the playoffs but the whole regular season was like that 4q where it was all lebron offense

at least this year's lakers have shown in glimpses that there can be an offense even when lebron is resting. i don't know why they've regressed though. it's all mental



[–]shanmustafa 16 指標 1小時前

LeBrons release is so much faster on the threes now

i don't think they will.. but i wouldn't be shocked if the lakers cost themselves a title with this Schroder as a starter stuff..

because it's still a lot of Bron/AD no matter what.. and that diminishes what Dennis can do cause he has the ball less, and him standing in the corner and on defense he's been good but still 6ft only.. i just don't think value wise it's the best way to use him.. if he's on fire yeah sure he should close some games

but if he was on the bench just playing with one of them really and could score more that'd be better for them..

i think they should start one of like Talen, Caruso, Wes instead really




[–]Warriors ElicCrapton 33 指標 1小時前

You worry too much. Vogel is not afraid to bench Schroder comes playoffs time


[–]Lakers BritzlBen 7 指標 1小時前

Talen and Wes are significantly worse and Schroder needs to start so somebody besides Lebron can initiate the offense.


[–]Lakers echoecho25 6 指標 1小時前

Dennis Schroder has played elite defense all year man. His ball pressure and quickness has been one of the reasons the Lakers are number 1 in defense.



[–]Lakers BeefyHamstrings 242 指標 1小時前

Take a wild guess who had the highest +/- on the lakers


[–]Lakers adonisgawd 135 指標 1小時前 

Bald man gets paid


[–]LakersDemFiends 112 指標 2小時前

If we win another chip, I want Caruso’s jersey in the rafters.

That is all.


[–]17RealPunyParker 6 指標 1小時前

Sometimes i feel grateful to live in the same era as some of the greatest sportspeople to ever grace us with their performances.




[–]Lakers thedoctor0918 59 指標 1小時前

I'm glad he's playing more now. Vogel has tightened the rotation already. Still not enough imo but it's better than before


[–]Spurs tiagosupersplitter 5 指標 1小時前

He's really the third best player on the Lakers now


[–]Lakers mrxanadu818 [分數隱藏] 33 分鐘前

I have him slightly better than AD


[–]Lakers furry130939 25 指標 1小時前

Carushow and Dennis played really well on crunch time


[–]Lakers yungtatha 16 指標 1小時前

I think Dennis - Caruso - KCP - Bron - AD is gonna be our crunch time lineup going forward.


[–]Lakers joshian22 187 指標 1小時前

Caruso is just a game changer. Every time he comes in the game the energy, hustle and defense just shifts. It’ll be interesting what other teams offer him this offseason.


[–]Lakers letdogsdrive 11 指標 1小時前*

A lot of things he does often go overlooked. An absolute steal with that contract.


[–]4trackboy 65 指標 1小時前

Hope he stays a Laker. Could be an off-the-bench Derek Fisher for them. He fits so well next to Bron and AD


[–]Lakers WearAMask2020 59 指標 1小時前

He honestly should be starting imo


[–]4trackboy 37 指標 1小時前

He's definitely good enough but his play off the bench is invaluable and he finishes the games either way


[–]Lakersmotorboat_mcgee 6 指標 1小時前

That sort of player is really only useful on a championship caliber team, though. If he goes to a lottery team where they want him to do more, they’re going to be very very disappointed.


[–]kobmug_v2 6 指標 1小時前

Caruso has more in his bag on offense than you think.


[–]Lakers SexyTimeDoe 2 指標 1小時前

He does turn the ball over a lot tbh. Which is fine here because he plays next to Lebron or Dennis and isn't asked to facilitate


[–]Lakers Rager_YMN_6 23 指標 1小時前

Thank God Vogel cut Wes & Kieff out the rotation. Just needs to cut Harrell's minutes when we go up against bigs like Capela. I've always said Harrell doesn't fit, but he can still be a positive player for us... just not on assignments like Capela

Also, THT needs to play more and he has a bit recently, thank goodness. His slashing & playmaking is getting better, but he's also got a real good feel of the game. I see him using P&Rs more efficiently, not just runnin full speed to the rim, putting defenders in jail, keeping his eyes open to find people and he's using the right moves at the right occasions.

I didn't think he could get even better in a few weeks, but he has.




[–]Lakers DarkSoulsDarius 34 指標 1小時前

It's way too early in the season to cut anyone from rotation my guy. We had a 2 month break, let Kieff and Wes play games even if it costs us some. We're here for the long run, not just the regular season.

I do agree THT needs more minutes tho. His development is key for future seasons as well.




[–]Lakers jeweltribe 9 指標 1小時前

Lakers were struggling from 3 tonight, but their defense was solid. Especially during crunch time. The team still has stretches where the offense doesn't have any movement and everyone is just standing/ball watching. Kuzma has really impressed me with his improvement on defense. Overall the bench was solid. Trey Young is really crafty when it comes to drawing fouls, but he's also a great play maker. He was giving our guards problems on defense. Good game.



[–]Lakers arinawe 4 指標 1小時前

Kuzma's passing has also been great


[–]Warriors KingPlutoFuture 35 指標 1小時前

wtf were those last few possessions by the hawks. literally threw the game away there.


[–]Hawks Smoove-J 43 指標 1小時前

Young team making mistakes. It's kinda expected with our team


[–]Hawks Shmexy 104 指標 1小時前

that was a fun one. Proud of our boys to hold on without deandre and bogie


[–]HawksTankwagon HamlnHand 49 指標 1小時前

Cam played great defense on Lebron but some bad plays and poor coaching choices screwed us. Bruno Fernando playing 12 minutes against the Lakers should not happen. If Hunter wasn't injured I could see this game having been closer. We didn't do too bad.


[–]Hawks DBac7812 28 指標 1小時前

I now think we are firmly better than our record. Not on the level of the big boys, but when we are on we're actually tough as hell. And we've been one of the least healthy teams this year.


[–]Hawks WrongTetrisBlock 20 指標 1小時前

We are destined to go .500. I feel like we just rotate wins and losses every other game


[–]NBA mikesituation45 8 指標 1小時前

You guys played the Lakers, Clippers, Nets and Bucks in the last 5 games. I think the worst part of this season half is over for you guys.


[–]Lakers CaLiKiNG805 1 指標 33 分鐘前

Trae Young is legitimately my least favorite player to watch. His foul hunting makes the game so unenjoyable.


[–]Hawks FatherJeffTeague 2 指標 1小時前

Trae can play normally if he wants to. But if a team is playing him too close like the Lakers were tonight, he’s gonna capitalize


[–][LAL] LeBron James SoundtrackToChaos -11 指標 1小時前

Man someone needs to take the ball out of Young's hands. I get that he had 15 assists tonight but all that dribbling around while everyone just waits for the ball, that can't be good for team chemistry. Not even like he's out there directing traffic, guy just loves the ball in his hands. Is he capable of doing anything without it??


[–]Hawks ItssethL22 9 指標 1小時前

A point guard who’s the clear best player on his team shouldn’t have the ball in his hands? I’m confused


[–]dangheckinpupperino 6 指標 1小時前

Didn’t have Hunter, really threw us off. Doesn’t help that our sole creator on the team in Trae was blitzed by the Laker guards.

Hunter usually helps when teams give too much attention to Trae. He’s not there and no one else could create a shot or could be trusted to.

亨特缺战才是我们输球的主因。 而且只剩下吹羊这仅有的一个机会创造者也是被湖人后卫疯狂针对。







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